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Video and social media are a great match. Effective social media is all about conversations and building relationships, and video marketing can help your talk directly to your target audience.

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  • Video & Film production services

We are video production experts, creating passionate films for both national and local clients, working across multiple sectors, ranging from automotive and retail to engineering and medical.

We put storytelling at the heart of our process, developing engaging content that resonates with audiences and inspires action. We delivers results-focused films that integrate into overall marketing campaigns, always taking care to ensure that success is measured with clearly-defined goals, objectives and KPIs.

Quality video production that brings our brand to life

“Strong stories, creative ideas and engaging messages are at the core of our business; we use them to build you effective video marketing campaigns”

Our video production services can be tailored to meet the needs of each client; Collaborating on ideas before the cameras start to roll and delivering great films that exceed expectations.

  • Video & Film Marketing Strategies:

How Can Aayushi AdMedia help you in Video marketing Strategy?

Aayushi AdMedia team Develops video marketing strategies for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

  • Defining your video marketing strategy and making an impression on your target audiences.
  • Video strategy that is tailored for the web.
  • Trusted by some of the world’s biggest international brands.
  • Engaging audience on any platform, on any device.

Here are a few campaigns we designed. These will encourage our customers for social video campaigns.

  1. Crowd sourced YouTube campaign – :

The videos encouraged consumers to release their inner encourages and exactly film and share   how they passionate. The campaign works, target market to participate, and reinforces brand values and integrates with wider marketing campaigns.

For example see below add : Peperami Roll


Think-Right: Aayushi AdMedia team makes it easy for clients for generates video content and ensures that your film is seeded well to ensure interaction when the campaign starts.

Our Main aim of your video content campaign:

  • Raise brand awareness- increase in reach, fans, brand mentions.
  • New product launch- product mentions, visits, video views.
  • Engage with a new audience segment – increase fans on relevant social networks, email signups.

2. Personalized social video:

Personalization helps brands to make greater connections with consumers. Example Hollywood movie, The Martian, personalized video in their launch campaign the audience was drawn into the NASA control room as we were invited to bring the character played by Matt Damon who was stranded on Mars back to the UK with hashtag #bringhimback.


FOX sent a personalized tweet to individuals who had posted with the #bringhimback hashtag.

Aayushi AdMedia Team anticipates that we’ll see increasing personalization as brands attempt to get close to their fans.


Think-Right: Aayushi AdMedia Team achieves this level of personalization.

3. Viral Social Video –:

Last year, Purina, a pet food company paired up with Buzz feed to create a viral campaign, which achieved over 40,000 views just a few hours after it was uploaded. This piece works as its moving away from the traditional ad format to tell an engaging story about ‘puppyhood’. The improve style of the video also helps it feel more real and therefore more shareable.

Watch the video here: puppyhood.


Think-Right:  A content-led approach helps build trust in your brand. Go with video content which would stand on its own as being entertaining/useful/funny, and crate further content to keep them coming back.


4. Social Media targets Emotions campaigns

The campaign aims to play on an emotional response from the viewer and allow the target audience to become involved as brand ambassadors. Social media put the audience in control, and it’s important for brands to accentuate this by actively involving them and encouraging positive word of mouth.

Watch the video here: MyPlestar.


5. Interactivity – video game market

Aayushi AdMedia Team used Native social video to share the trailer, interactive gifs and native polling to include the audience in the story. They asked fans to say which character they would hunt the facts with and then share & tweeted video content from that character point of view.


Think-Right: interactivity in your social videos is important. Aayushi AdMedia team thinks about to get audience involved in your stories.

  • Expert video editing service:

Aayushi AdMedia offers a range of video editing services to creative agencies as well as direct to client. We have a range of edit suits in-house that we can set to work on your production and if required can supply fast turnaround video editing services and editors on-site.

Our video editing experience:

Our creative team have a wealth of experience working on everything from network television series, Promotional videos, video marketing campaigns, corporate event films, sizzle reels, show reels, and internal communications projects. We work with you to refine the brief prior to production to ensure the video meets your requirements – where required, you are welcome to come and sit in on the edit.

Each and every video project we work on is unique, but if you’d like to see examples of similar work, drop us a line – we’d be happy to show you some sample projects with similar objectives. We’re able to work with most video formats, and out non-linear edit suits are able to handle everything from SD up to 4K footage and stereoscopic 3D content.

Video editing suits and post production:

We offer color grading and correction, noise reduction, image stabilization as well as motion graphics, bespoke sound design and 3D animation. We also have access to a voice-over studio on-site at IFDS Studios to add narration to your finished film.

  • Video & Film Search Engine optimization

Lots of brands are investing in video marketing and, with such huge qualities of content now being published every single day, you need to make sure that your content is discoverable and able to stand out from the crowd.

Aayushi AdMedia SEO Strategy for Video:

#1. Find Video Keywords:

Aayushi AdMedia optimize for Video Keywords, You will also get targeted traffic to your video directly from Search engines first page.

#2. Uses user experience metrics:

Focus on Video retention, Comments, Subscribes after watching, Shares, Favorites, Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

#3. Find SEO value from video:

Considers on Video file name, Video Title, Description, Tags,

#4. Get Video Views:

Aayushi AdMedia attentions on a lot about user experience from the video. We will track on “More views = higher ranking”. We focus on thumbnails.

  • Video & Film Marketing Consultancy: 

Expert video marketing consultancy

  • Defining your video marketing strategy and making an impression on your target audiences.
  • Video consultancy from experts who understand the web.
  • Trusted by some of the world’s biggest international brands.
  • Engaging audiences on any platform, on any device.


More and more brands are investing heavily in video content, and digital audiences are increasingly relying on video as part of the customer journey.

But does your brand have the right strategy or a strategy at all, for engaging your audience through video? That’s where our video marketing consultants can help. Our Video marketing Consultant improves video marketing tips, video marketing tools, and video marketing sites.

Our video consultants not only understand video, they understand digital content. They understand what works, how audiences respond to it, and where those audiences are active. That’s what determines whether or not your video is a success.


Our video marketing consultants bring a digital-first perspective to your campaign.

Our consultants will audit your existing content – both video and non-video. To build a complete digital strategy that will deliver your ambitions. Aayushi AdMedia communicates the story of your brand, bring your product to life, and reach the audiences that matter to you.