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“It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically reengineer the Web site so that it becomes as eagle”. – Bruce Clay 

The traditional process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is out of date now. There isn’t any specific algorithm with which you can rank up overnight. This is the only reason why we recommend for the campaigns with which you can increase your likelihood of brand affection.

Aayushi is committed to deliver top results with ease to understand process for clients & consult on various pros and cons of technology user at web and interactive marketing services.

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SEO services by Aayushi

Aayushi Digital helps in increasing your websites ranking on major search engines such as Google and Bing. The incredible expertise offered by our content writing and technical staff helps make your website a search engine magnet. Regular review of analytics, changes as per analytical findings, tweaking & building content, regular review are some of the top functions we perform on a day to day basis. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.



We conduct intensive audits to understand your company, website, the market and your target audience in order to create a precise SEO strategy. We provide full-fledged digital, web and interactive marketing services that are perfect for businesses of all sized and complexities

Aayushi Participation:

Review & Analysis

  • In depth – Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Initial Rank Report

Page Optimization

  • Code Clean-up & optimization
  • Image & Hyper link
  • txt Creation/Analysis
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap & Google Analytics

Content optimization

  • Content Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Press release Writing

Social Media Optimization

  • Social Property Setup(Facebook,Twitter, YouTube)
  • Process for Social Sharing
  • Consulting for Social management
  • Twitter background & Facebook Design
  • Facebook Updates

What Aayushi Digital Do?


Website Analysis:

We first analyze your requirements, examine company’s website content and define target keywords. Once the analysis is done, the right keywords are used in co-relation to the website content. Strategies that are implemented aptly help brands reach out to wider audience. We focus on attracting visitors to our client’s website by generating leads and converting them into customers.

ON Page & Off Page Optimization

We write quality content that is specifically keyword driven and is consistent to your websites theme.

It is a proven strategy that targets those searching for business related keywords that are specific to your industry. This helps in the optimization of your websites on search engines and allows the right audience to fine your website organically.

When it comes to Off-Page SEO, We value quality over quantity which is essential in maintaining a positive rank for a site. We have been in this industry since 2006 and have seen it evolve and closely watched the search engine best practices changing over time. We develop a complete strategic plan to improve websites rankings, credibility and overall traffic.

Aayushi Participation:


  • What’s good & what’s bad in terms of process.
  • Technology Consultation
  • Monthly Action plan
  • Integrating Marketing calendar with campaigns


  • Increase in Rank
  • Improve in website Performance
  • Traffic increased
  • Social Influence


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