Products launch Teasers

 Castaway Teaser


Teaser Advertising:

  1. Teaser is a break clutter…gets noticed and occupy share of customers memory.
  2. Complete identity of the product/brand/idea is not revealed in the Ad.
  3. Basically, an unfinished story or a partial view of the advertised product


Effectiveness depends on ability of:

  1. Attention-Seeking: Draw attention by breaking clutter
  2. Transformation: Forces to see reality in a new way
  3. Reformulation: Modifies attitude towards the brand
  4. Impact: Enhances customer engagement, involvement
  5. Productive: Redeem the value of the brand.


Estimating Effectiveness of Teaser Campaign:

  1. Why do a live campaign?
  2. Put concept into practice, gain exposure
  3. Go beyond products à teasers for event
  4. What was the campaign about?
  5. Create a buzz
  6. Communicate the theme ‘Dil Se Desi’
  7. How was the campaign executed?
  8. Serious of inter-connected teasers
  9. Theme reveled via text (limitations)
  10. Media: Email, Facebook, print
  11. How was effectiveness measured?
  12. Response via online questionnaires
  13. Rate campaign on multiple parameters