Event Marketing

Event Marketing


In an effort to remain ahead of the curve, Digital marketing is crucial to acquire the B2B and B2C customers that they has in their list that they are no longer able to reach.

With the objective of capturing these contracts and converting them – whether they are members, participants, or sponsors – objectives need to be met, and as a business running an event, a digital marketing plan can help you attain those objectives.

Our Digital marketing activities will be focused on stalls, sponsors as well as the visitors to the three parts of event.

  • Pre-Event Promotion
  • During Event Promotion
  • Post Event Promotion
  • Request Quote


Pre-Event Promotion:

Website, Social Media, PPC, Strategic partners, Events listings, press Release, SMS, WhatsApp marketing, Content Marketing, Surveys, Community.

During Event Promotion:

Photos Sharing on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc., Use of hashtags, Video Recording and uploading to YouTube, Vimeo etc., Registration for subsequent events etc.

Post Event Promotion:

Blogging, Follow-up interviews, Video, Photo marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Customer Surveys etc.