5 Social Media Statistics You Should Know

11 Feb

On the Internet, every click, view and even the emotion is tracked and noted somewhere in the form of statistics in order to understand the user’s behavior. The statistics on Social Media are rolled every now and then worldwide, in order to make businesses and brands understand about the benefits they can have from it.

For a note, the world population is 7.6 billion as of October 2017 as per Wikipediaand the internet holds 3.5 billion users.

User Count on Social Media

Social Channel Number of users
Facebook 2.072 billion users
Twitter 330 million users
Instagram 800 million users
LinkedIn 500 million users
Google+ 111 million users
Pinterest 200 million users
Snapchat 178 million daily users
YouTube 1.5 billion users
Reddit 234 million users
WhatsaApp 1.3 billion users
Flickr 90 million users
Wechat 1.12 billion users
Weibo 600 million users
Airbnb 150 million users
Periscope 10 million users

Social Media statistics for 2018










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